One Guy and a Prius

Hello there everyone. Here is my blog where I’ll be writing about my travels. Currently I’m staying at my house in West Allis as I’m home for a few weeks before I go off and travel again. During my spare time I’ve been working out a lot, seeing friends, fixing up my car and driving for Lyft. It’s a bit of an interesting things driving around a Lyft, most of my fondest memories of my first trip were the people I met along the way. Everyone asks me if I felt lonely while I was on the road by myself and my answer is always the same “You know everyone asks me that and no I wasn’t, I met a lot of great people on the road and enjoyed my solitude when I had it. Some of the pictures I took on my trip were so incredible I can hardly believe I was really at these places and how magical it all was. Connecting with nature on my own and in the companies of veritable strangers was a great liberating experience. When your existence is derived on your ability to get supplies to live and thrive not by a bank account or some job, you are just surviving. It inspired me to do days long hiking soon and find myself completely surrounded and immersed in the wild world. I’ll hopefully be updating stories and people I’ve met on my travels along with pictures on here as well. I’ve thought about tracking my exact location throughout the trip with costs as well. I’d like to start a theme about these to help other people see how easy traveling affordably can be.



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